Strength In Numbers concert (Recap)


“No matter what age, sex, race that you come from; you can still be Hip Hop”.

This past Sunday, December 15th, Next Level Internet Radio proved yet again that there is Strength In Numbers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Hip Hop Scene, with another great event created by Douglas Elliot & Loco Conroe, at The Rail Club Live in Ft Worth. This concert teaches a lesson in the fact that, “No matter what age, sex, or race that you come from; you can still be Hip Hop”.

From the moment we walked in The Rail Club Live, Neo Gold Entertainment received a lot of love from the artists & staff. Ms.K had an opportunity to connect with the OGs in the building, that was a great moment to witness for North Texas Hip Hop. Upon arrival we immediately recognized some familiar faces from the DFW Hip Hop Scene such as: Bama White, Complete The Emcee, Kinfolk Jack, OG KottonMouth Jesse, Duece Freight amongst many more.

The Future

“NAHFAM, can be stars of Hip Hop in today’s day and age”.

You would really be impressed with some of the newer talent that we seen perform for the first time. Somebody has to be honest with the fact that, NAHFAM, can be stars of Hip Hop in today’s day and age. They kinda remind you of the Beastie Boys, Kid N Play, and the Fresh Prince with modern production and lyricism. In addition, Dem Ledesma Boyz of Wichita Falls, had a good performance, showcasing their niche style music. NSG Stacks, performed with a lot of energy as expected, the young Rapper from Memphis has been building a name in the DFW for his heartfelt performances. Kinfolk Jack brought smooth Rider vibes to the stage last Sunday, I look forward to hearing more cool vibes from Jack in 2020. It was good to see Bama White open the show with his mix of Boom Bap & Trap, he did a great job of hosting the event. J Diggs Tha Prodigy came with the bars, look, and vibes.

“All the OGs held it down this past Sunday”

All the OGs held it down this past Sunday as well: Da U.A. showed that Hip Hop is not just a young mans game with their head bopping performance, that was easily the highlight of the concert. Complete The Emcee stole the show as well with his intricate lyricism and beat selection. Shoutout to the Queen’s Murdah Mamis for bringing feisty-ness to the stage as well. Duece Freight represented the show Sunday night with an Explosive performance of the, “Drugs, Sex & RockNRoll”, record! The quirkiness of PikaHsSo brought an energy to the stage with his alternative boom bap style production & bars, he took the crown for being the most interesting artist of the night (In my Opinion). M. Wells, rocked the stage with his own banging production, his rhymes were dope too, stay on the lookout for M. Wells in the near future. Marco Polo was in the building Sunday night enjoying the music, it is confirmed he will be releasing new music. In addition, Marco will be hosting the upcoming Red Hot Christmas Comedy Special. And, special shout out to DJ Dogstyle for the blessing the 1s & 2s, it was an honor to watch a true master level DJ at work!

The Staff

Special thanks to Next Level Internet Radio Station, for the great event, there is a lot of potential for bigger & better venues. It was great meeting Manuscript of Tri Coastal Radio and his Team; its great to see so many Black: radio owners, producers and DJs at one event, the process of Unification is alive, and artist are going to reap the benefits in the coming decade (The new Golden Age)! The Rail Club Live staff were very kind and professional.


Yum Yum

Ladies & Gentlemen, Queen V of Queenz Catering, showed up and showed out, with her infamous and banging nachos, topped off with the amazing and mouth watering, “PikaHsSo” (Banana Pudding), which is named after the artist, PikaHsSo. Now, as Lyfe Jennings would say… “Must Be Nice“, to have a dish named after you.

Neo Gold Entertainment/Music Group is looking forward to the forthcoming, Next Level Internet Radio concert, created by Doug Elliot & Loco Conroe. Special shout out to all the performers such as: OG KottonMouth Jesse, PikHasSo, Da U.A., Complete The Emcee, Dewhya, M. Wells, Murdah Mamis, The Remedy, G. Champion, Kinfolk Jack, Dem Ledesma Boyz, NAHFAM, Everyday Tony, Celebrity, Team Playa, NSG Stacks, PV22, J Diggs Tha Prodigy, and ADAY. You can support these great artist by: Buying/Streaming their music, purchasing their merchandise, buying tickets from their events, like/sharing their content on social media. We look forward to seeing all the artist evolution take them to the next level during 2020, see you there!

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