Most dedicated person I know . She’s vested so much to get here! – Liz R

Much love to Neo Gold Entertainment … I appreciate the effort, and motivation that is put forth, and look for to a long standing business arrangement. – Dushawn R

Thumbs up and may you continue to have success.May your efforts continue to be rewarded in the most excellent way. God bless you. – Pastor O


An absolute great read! Valarie Brass’ love, dedication and support are UNMATCHED. Congratulations on ALL of your success! You deserve it. Queenz Catering will be a household name!! Imma claim it o your behalf!! I love you and YOU inspire ME!! – Amelia D

Well written article and great read on a phenomenal woman. Living clean, sober, and touching the lives of others through her passion as she support others. – Anonymous 

Yessss Congratulations – Anonymous