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“The Appreciation of a Queen Concert”, is what we thought it would be

Shot by: Oh So Dope Photography

“The Appreciation of a Queen Concert”, was what we thought it would be; a successful Puma affair that brought many people of different walks of life together to hear live music, and show love to the Hip Hop Chef Queen Valerie Brass. It was so heartwarming to see the crowd represented by wearing fresh Puma.

The event featured a multitude of tasty dishes made by the Hip Hop Chef, that complimented her personality and love for creating in the kitchen. 

Now Queen Val is called the “Hip Hop Chef” for a reason, and that’s because her love for Hip Hop & food has transcended past the likes of the everyday citizen and high ranking representatives of the culture. 

Therefore, the highlight of the night was watching Queen Val be given the “Appreciation of the Queen Hip Hop Chef” award in front of a crowd that loves who she is, and what she does for the community!

The food stations featured an array of dishes such as; Nachos, tacos, flavored wings, regular & vegan fajitas, Mac N Cheese,cabbage, salad, regular & vegan meatloaf, and many more dishes… Also, special shout-out to the other food vendors like Hazel Pugh of Kamari’s Catering, and Temeka Rai of Meeks Sweet Trap. 

Many positive reviews were left for the itemized vendors such as; Yvette Ross of Shaded Vision, Ricky Wilson of Team Playa Fragrances, CiCi’s Natural Jewelry by Judge TwoHeavy, and AJ Chaka/The Camp merch from Neo Gold Entertainment.

The Appreciation of a Queen Concert was hosted by Ms.K of Neo Gold Entertainment & Dean Manuscript of Tri Coastal Radio. 

The concert featured artists such as: Kinfolk Jack, John Jigg$, Spaceship Ohaysses, AJ Chaka, Celebrity, The Remedy, Manu Velli, Re:Zen,The Village, Air & Hippie Snooks, Cree8ion, Jay Nonstop, King. Kidd, Tha Craziac, and many more… 

All of the DJ’s represented, it was nice watching DJ Dogstyle, DJ Lady Jaroq, and DJ Gabie “The Gift” of Mxnxpxly. Oh So Dope Photography handled photos for the event, while Rightxous Life Media handled video live-streaming for the event with their great team.

Shoutout to all the radio stations that showed up like Next Level Internet Radio, Tricoastal Radio, WildOut Radio and Villa Koola Radio.

Special shoutout to The Camp, Neo Gold Entertainment, and Queenz Catering for putting together such a fun event.

It was recently announced that there will be a sequel event called, The Appreciation of a Queen Concert 2: Unfinished Business, which is set for June 5th at The Rail Club Live, and it is another Puma affair. It will feature performances from Fort Nox, Da U.A., PiKasSo, Team Playa Ent, Lyre Luciano, King. Kidd, AJ Chaka, Kinfolk Jack, Xavier Frazier, Kye Yote.

Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats

Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats is setting the standard for sweets in the DFW

Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats

In a city not known for its deserts and baked items; Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats, has quickly established itself as a rising powerhouse in the popular suburban community of Irving, TX (Las Colinas).

On first glance, when you step inside you’re instantly welcomed with warm customer service, and explosion of creative yet meticulous branding with strong color coordination that instantly opens the eyes! The Butter cookies & pound cake are to die for! As their sweet, yet savory flavor textures can elevate the spirits of those feeling gloomy!

Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats is the location to bring friends & family when in need of an enjoyable treat! Tell them Da Gas Block sent you!

DFW Wins again; with Legendary Fritz vs PiKaHsSo (Recap)

On Dec 18th, Legendary Fritz battled PiKaHsSo at Live Wicks, in Arlington, Texas. Both emcees showcased why they are DFW Hip Hop/Rap legends in Versus battle! The event was hosted by Dean Manuscript of Tri Coastal Radio, and sounds were by DJ Dogstyle. Both emcees took us through a trip to memory lane in their discographies, pulling records from the 90s to current day! 

PiKaHsSo showcased plethora of records that featured unique samples from video games, 70s commercials, soul, and funk. Whereas, Legendary Fritz music had a traditional Hip Hop sound with boom bap and introspective lyrics, that allowed for Fritz to paint a clear picture in each song to the crowd.

Both emcees created a dope vibe, showcasing the spirit of DFW Hip Hop, going back and forth during a high energy performance!

Also, on the bill was M. Wells Muzik & Kinfolk Jack, who set the stage on fire with their performances, which brought back good memories from the battle they did in November!

Overall, it was a great event, with great energy, followed by great performances! Shoutout to the legends for still being inspired to deliver quality music and content! An overall win for the culture! Shoutout to all major keys who were in the building: Dean Manuscript of Tri Coastal Radio, Dboss of Next Level Internet Radio, The Hip Hop Chef Valerie Brass of Queenz Catering, Queen Ms.K of Neo Gold Entertainment, Dread Blk, DJ Dogstyle, M. Wells Muzik, Kinfolk Jack & many more…

After news of a leak from both artists, we at Da Gas Block are looking forward to hearing the collab EP between; Legendary Fritz & PiKaHsSo in 2021.

Kéilan shows why he’s a Pilot

Neo Gold newcomer, Keilan Lockett aka Kéilan, may be new to the music industry, however, the powerhouse vocalist is not new to the arts! Kéilan is an alum of the illustrious Booker T Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts; where he was able to become a more well rounded artist in his own regard.

Having performed on many big stages, Kéilan has already built a name for himself, being known as a great live performer. Which will certainly take him far in this industry in the coming months and years! 

Kéilan is a: Pop, Alternative, R&B/Soul singer who has the vocal delivery of a poised A-list singer beyond his years. Kéilan can act, dance, create choreography, produce music, and is even skilled in graphic design. What can’t this young man do!? 

On September 11, 2020, Kéilan released a self produced album titled, Pilot, with much support from his fans. And, on October 2, 2020, Pilot was re-released exclusively through Neo Gold Records, marking celebration for both parties.

Pilot finds Kéilan on an array of diverse set of atmospheric production, that allows for his detailed pen to deliver deep messages, and powerful vocals to be heard as the main star on his records! This kid is already ahead of his time!

Favorite tracks:




Stream Kéilan – Pilot below:

Follow Kéilan online:


Heavyweights of Hip Hop 4 was a Smash Hit!

If you’re a fan of traditional Hip Hop and the DFW music scene, then Heavyweights of Hip Hop 4 was the event you needed to attend. The event featured performances from acts such as: Dem Ledesma Boyz, The Village, Bout Time Ent, Fort Nox, Crew 54, Loose Cannons, and DA U.A. at one of the perennial staple venues in Ft. Worth, The Rail Club Live. In adddition, The Rail Club Live has made headlines on their this year with their fight to stay open against the pressure from the Texas Government.


Heavyweights of Hip Hop 4 was a success; the night started with high flying emcees Dem Ledesma Boyz who are known for engaging crowds with their exciting yet technical rapping style and showmanship, which transitioned into a performance by socially conscious collective The Village who left plenty of gems for those in attendance to take, balanced with a vibe that Erykah Badu would enjoy, great job!

Followed by a set of fire performances from Bout Time Entertainment who’s vibe was amazing (Shoutout to Dread Blk), and the ever growing Loose Cannons, who set their microphones a blaze with their dope bars! Crew 54 unexpectedly blew us away, the production that was met by their lyrics was something really special to watch! 

When Fort Nox hit stage, they showcased why they have been in the game for over 10 years, salute to their sweet performance. In addition, being able to watch DA U.A. perform is always a pleasure as they brought the house down… “With a shake down”.

Shoutout to The Rail Club Live, Da U.A., Douglas Elliot, DJ Dogstyle and Queenz Catering for preparing great food & shining light on local talents in the DFW, truly providing them with a platform to be remembered!