#RentMoney2 (Recap)

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Rent Money. Rent Money, Rent Money!!!

What an action packed weekend for the Neo Gold Team! Last Saturday the 14th was the day of #RentMoney2, an underground Hip Hop show with a secret location in Dallas, TX, Sponsored by Adidas Football and hosted by Dallas emcee, Rikki Blu.


“#RentMoney2 brought a crowd that appreciates Hip Hop in its most authentic form”.


#RentMoney2 brought a crowd that appreciates Hip Hop in its most authentic form. There were a few steps at #RentMoney2 such as; Grab a mic, spit bars, and rock the crowd… That’s the formula (No D.O.C.). Dallas Emcees Scuttino, AJ Chaka, Dibbi Blood, Daze, Jae’R Tha Geek, OG Byrd, and more turned the room up big time. Also, Tenneseee native Mic Carr had an exceptional performance as well.

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However, when Rikki Blu grabbed the mic, he showed the crowd why he is still one of Dallas most favorite emcees today, as he performed many of his personal & fan favorite songs at the packed #RentMoney2 event!

Shot by: @jpattvisuals


“Dallas next stars showed their early star power”!

Scuttino & AJ Chaka showed Dallas that lyricism on break beats isnot dead, in fact it is alive and well going into the next generation of Dallas Music! Upon reflecting on the event, you should look forward to hearing all the artist who performed at #RentMoney2, I’d be willing to bet that a few of Dallas next stars showed their early star power!

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Closing Words

You can support these great artist by: Buying/Streaming their music, purchasing their merchandise, buying tickets from their events, like/sharing their content on social media. We look forward to seeing all the artist evolution take them to the next level during 2020, see you there!



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