Heavyweights of Hip Hop 4 was a Smash Hit!

If you’re a fan of traditional Hip Hop and the DFW music scene, then Heavyweights of Hip Hop 4 was the event you needed to attend. The event featured performances from acts such as: Dem Ledesma Boyz, The Village, Bout Time Ent, Fort Nox, Crew 54, Loose Cannons, and DA U.A. at one of the perennial staple venues in Ft. Worth, The Rail Club Live. In adddition, The Rail Club Live has made headlines on their this year with their fight to stay open against the pressure from the Texas Government.


Heavyweights of Hip Hop 4 was a success; the night started with high flying emcees Dem Ledesma Boyz who are known for engaging crowds with their exciting yet technical rapping style and showmanship, which transitioned into a performance by socially conscious collective The Village who left plenty of gems for those in attendance to take, balanced with a vibe that Erykah Badu would enjoy, great job!

Followed by a set of fire performances from Bout Time Entertainment who’s vibe was amazing (Shoutout to Dread Blk), and the ever growing Loose Cannons, who set their microphones a blaze with their dope bars! Crew 54 unexpectedly blew us away, the production that was met by their lyrics was something really special to watch! 

When Fort Nox hit stage, they showcased why they have been in the game for over 10 years, salute to their sweet performance. In addition, being able to watch DA U.A. perform is always a pleasure as they brought the house down… “With a shake down”.

Shoutout to The Rail Club Live, Da U.A., Douglas Elliot, DJ Dogstyle and Queenz Catering for preparing great food & shining light on local talents in the DFW, truly providing them with a platform to be remembered!

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