Jam of the Day: Da U.A. – Shake Down

Da U.A. - Still Humbled

Today’s Jam of the Day is: Da U.A. – Shake Down; an explosive Hip Hop Record from their latest album, “Still Humbled”.

Shake Down opens with a funky bass rhythm, guided by a classical NY style horn loop, that’s met with solid lows for the drums. Da U.A. does a great job flipping off each other’s lyrical efforts for a non-stop head bopping anthem. I love how they left a great portion of the beat at the end to fade out, it reminds me of the Hip Hop I know, that inspired emcees to pen their own thoughts from the music.

Favorite bar: “I’m like Michael Jackson, living life off the wall”

Stream Da U.A. – Shake Down below:

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