Jam of the Day: Jacob Latimore – Fashion


Today’s Jam of the Day on Da Gas Block is: Jacob Latimore – Fashion; a new fuego  Single from the triple threat artist (Music x Acting x Dancing).

Fashion opens with a hypnotic melody that’s balanced with 808s that have more bounce than a NBA player in the dunk contest! In addition, to the smooth instrumental, Jacob’s transparent lyrics about how he values his women’s appearance is even more slick, like when he said, “All this fashion, oh, you get fashion/ She want fashion, she get fashion/ All in the mansion, feelin’ like dancin’/ Cartiers dancin’, AP dancin‘”, on the chorus allowing for the listener to clearly picture a women of high class!

Jacob does a great job of elevating this women’s status with his concise choice of words, for example he said, “It’s kinda hard for me to hold you (I ain’t even gon’ hold), Even hard for me to control you, ‘Cause you the baddest, And you ain’t settlin’ for nothin’ only if it’s lavish”, but if anybody can earn the love from a woman of that caliber it is definitely Jacob Latimore.

Stream Jacob Latimore – Fashion below:

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