Jam of the Day: Bama White – Stoners Ditty

Bama White
Bama White.

Today’s Jam of the Day on Da Gas Block is: Bama White – Stoners Ditty; an anthem from White’s latest album Smoke The World. The record opens with a rising intro melody, that transcends into a catchy chorus by Bama White, that displays what a stoners process is before elevating their senses.

Easily, setting up White to jug over the beat, like when he said, “I don’t care what you believe in, if it ain’t what I believe in” or “Please don’t come around my way, tryna tell me what you get/ When you shop with somebody else, then go shop with somebody else.” Stoner Ditty is produced by Keyhood, and it is the marked as track 17 on Smoke The World.

Bama White - Smoke The World
Bama White – Smoke The World (Album Cover)

Check out Bama White – “Stoners Ditty” & “Smoke The World” (Album) below:

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