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Kaash Paige
Shot by: @rowmel_

These days the conversation in Dallas has been about, “Who is going to blowup next?” And, the first person to pop in my head is Dallas’s very own Kaash Paige. I’ve been following her development for quite some time now, after seeing her name pop up on many flyers for different local shows back in 2018 (When she had me thinking damn who is this?). That same year, Kaash hit the ground running with bubbling single, “Love Songs”, and sparked a major label bidding war (Dun dun dun)!

Ultimately, Kaash decided to sign with the legendary Def Jam Records, which is also home to Dallas standout Bobby Sessions. In 2019, Kaash released her major label debut project with the 8 track, “Parked Car Convos”, which featured standout records such as: “Love Songs”, “64”, “Break From Dallas”, and “Heartbreaker”.

The future is bright for Kaash Paige! Have you listened to her “Love Songs” (Remix) featuring 6lack? Furthmore, have you seen her major co-sign from none other than the legendary Alicia Keys on Genius? If not, take the time out of your day to do that, because you don’t want to be late on the Heartbreaker train, as Kaash is prepping to become a global star with her follow up project under Def Jam, “Teenage Fever”, which is set to release sometime 2020.

Listen to Kaash Paige – Love Songs 

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