Silhouette the Poet paints a humble image on “The Melodic Trinity Project“

Silhouette the Poet - The Melodic Trinity Project
Radiating with harmonic hues of love & pain, showcasing the daily fight of self, expressing ones true essence, while poetically remaining true to self is what Silhouette the Poet did on, “The Melodic Trinity Project”.

Los Angeles artist Silhouette the Poet yearns for pure bliss through her poetry on Free, adding “Free to not allow others ruins to disintegrate me, from being able to live”. While tracks like, Catching Feelings & Cloud N9NE, paints an image of sensual healing on a spiritual level, setting up a smooth transition into the idea expressed on, Mind State Traveling.

When Silhouette the Poet arrives to The Melodic Trinity, you can hear the fiery passion roar on the track, as she claims she’s the, “The Melodic Trinity”, flowing into the POV of her childhood self, very powerful piece!

Ode to You, is the perfect closing piece as Silhouette gives glory to her mother! What a beautiful message and record! She expresses her tears as her “Pulse has been extracted from her heart”, proclaiming, “Grey goose is my nurse”… “Rest in Paradise, I know it’s nice”, very heartwarming!

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Jam of the Day: Da U.A. – Shake Down

Da U.A. - Still Humbled

Today’s Jam of the Day is: Da U.A. – Shake Down; an explosive Hip Hop Record from their latest album, “Still Humbled”.

Shake Down opens with a funky bass rhythm, guided by a classical NY style horn loop, that’s met with solid lows for the drums. Da U.A. does a great job flipping off each other’s lyrical efforts for a non-stop head bopping anthem. I love how they left a great portion of the beat at the end to fade out, it reminds me of the Hip Hop I know, that inspired emcees to pen their own thoughts from the music.

Favorite bar: “I’m like Michael Jackson, living life off the wall”

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John Jigg$ delivers on “Jigganometry”

Jigganometry (Cover Art)
John Jigg$ delivers on his new studio album, “Jigganometry”, it features collaborative appearances from: Illa Ghee, Rockwelz, DJ Eclipse, Gifted Gab, Ras Beats, Streetrunner, Purple Haze, Shining 88, and more… On Jigganometry, Jigg$ showcases his signature punchlines & metaphors over an array of heavy yet colorful compositions.

Some of the teams favorite tracks at Da Gas Block from Jigganometry are: Nights Like These, It’s Like That, Find My Way, Self Made, Betcha, Front Door & Everyday (Cool Like That).


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Kinfolk Jack is back with the, “Stimulus Package”

Stimulus Package (Cover Art)
Kinfolk Jack – Stimulus Package

Standout DFW emcee & vocalist, Kinfolk Jack is back to save the day with his new 4 track EP titled the, “Stimulus Package”. An EP that was made to boost the morale of his fans & to inspire new listeners during Covid-19. Kicking off the Stimulus Package is the fire worthy single, “E’rythang Gon Be Alright”, which is produced by legendary DFW producer Mousequake, and featuring standout Dallas lyricist Rakim Al Jabbar. Take your time to relax and feel the Southern Heat with the Stimulus Package, salute Kinfolk Jack!

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